Xantos Biomedicine and QIAGEN AnnounceCo-Marketing Agreement for RNAi Library with High-Content Cellular Screening System


Xantos Biomedicine AG and Qiagen N.V. announced their partnership for co-marketing QIAGEN's proprietary TOM-amidite chemistry based genome-wide RNAi products with Xantos' automated cell-based screening platform, XantoScreen(TM). By combining the capabilities of both companies' platforms customers will be able to rapidly perform gene analysis and unravel the function and role of genes that are relevant to their area of interest.

Xantos provides XantoScreen(TM) for the discovery and functional validation of novel targets on a genome-wide basis. The system enables high throughput and automated cDNA transfection studies (over expression of genes) or RNAi (gene silencing) to be carried out rapidly. This powerful system can be customized to a range of high content cellular screening assays and enables individual cDNAs, RNAi molecules or proteins to be studied in combination with or without inhibitory molecules, to identify and validate targets, ligands, receptors, compounds or pathways.

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