IDBS acquires DAT-LABTM and leads the way to the next generation ELN


IDBS announced that it has acquired the assets of privately held Deffinity Solutions Ltd, based in Portsmouth, UK. Deffinity Solutions is a provider of compliant workflow software, including DAT-LABTM, an innovative and extensible next generation electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that can be adapted to meet the needs of multiple scientific disciplines.

"Regulatory compliance, 21 CFR part 11, and IP protection are fundamental to the commercial success of today's drug companies and are the drivers behind many current ELN initiatives" commented Neil Kipling, Chairman and CEO of IDBS. "However, real success will only be achieved through the seamless integration of the ELN with solid data management, analysis and decision-making capability, that can accommodate the working methods and dialects specific to each scientific discipline within the drug discovery workflow. I believe this is where ELN must mature and become a part of a complete enterprise data management solution for drug creation."

IDBS is a leading provider of integrated data management, analysis and decision-making software for the life sciences industry. This acquisition will enable it to provide secure and compliant protection of its customer's intellectual property whilst continuing to facilitate collaborative research between biologists and chemists.

"Our insistence on open standards is based on a simple business imperative," said Dr Paul Denny-Gouldson, CEO of Deffinity Solutions. "Our client's IP vaults have to be securely and economically maintained for anything between 5 and 60 years. Most existing solutions rely heavily on proprietary approaches and technologies, and as such carry the risk of hidden costs over the longer term, e.g. generating an IP audit trail in a patent dispute will be challenging if faced with version incompatibilities in proprietary technologies. Using standard technologies allows us to make the IP protection element of our system rock solid"

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