Labcyte Granted Patent for Acoustic Transfer of Living Cells and Solid Particles


Labcyte Inc. announced that it has been granted its 16th patent for the rapid and gentle transfer of cells and particles, including beads, with acoustic energy. This patent describes the use of focused acoustics to move cells and particles between microplates and as well as to form arrays of single living cells efficiently, quickly, flexibly and economically. Focused acoustic technology is the basis of the Labcyte® Echo(TM) 550 compound reformatter and the Echo(TM) 380 auditor.

Dr. Elaine J. Heron, Chief Executive Officer of Labcyte Inc., said, "This technique is extraordinarily gentle to cells. Unlike pipette-based transfers that subject cells to considerable shear forces, cells transferred by acoustic techniques are stress free. In addition to transferring cells, the patent describes an integrated instrument and a method for the efficient and continuous sorting of cells based upon quantitative cellular properties. This continues our expansion in the application of acoustics in the life sciences."

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