Sigma-Aldrich Announces Agreement with IUBMB to Produce and Publish the Nicholson Metabolic Pathways Charts


Sigma-Aldrich Corporation is pleased to announce its collaboration with the International Union of biochemistry and molecular biology (IUBMB) to produce and publish Metabolic Pathways Charts developed by esteemed scientist Donald Nicholson, D.Sc. The agreement grants Sigma-Aldrich the exclusive license to produce, distribute and sell the Nicholson Metabolic Pathways Charts in both printed and electronic form on a worldwide basis.

The Metabolic Pathways Charts were developed during a fifteen-year collaboration between Sigma-Aldrich and Dr. Nicholson. Sigma-Aldrich has enhanced this tool by placing it on its Enzyme Explorer web page and adding over 500 hyperlinks to its product listings ( ). The Company and Dr. Nicholson are also in the process of animating several aspects of it.

Metabolic Pathways were created to provide a simple yet comprehensive schematic representation of how nutrients are utilized to produce energy and the naturally occurring biochemicals that are essential for the growth, mobility, reproduction and overall survival of all living things. Each of the Metabolic Pathways adds a valuable new resource to the toolbox used by researchers in the biological sciences. Since these pathways depict fundamental requirements for all life processes, classrooms as well as research laboratories will continue to utilize these charts.

Dr. Nicholson has been active in the life sciences for over 70 years. He received his B.Sc. in 1936 and his Ph.D in 1940, both in Chemistry from London University, and spent a distinguished career as a teacher of Bacteriology and Biochemistry at the Leeds School of Medicine.

He began developing the Metabolic Pathways Charts in 1955 "to make metabolism meaningful, wonder-full -- and fun" and they have now reached 22 editions. In 1997, he donated the copyright of all his work to the IUBMB. At 88 he is still actively engaged in the creation of smaller and more detailed "minimaps" and especially in the animation of some of the basic pathways. In recognition of his work he has received an Honorary D.Sc. and has been made one of only two Honorary Life Members of the IUBMB.

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