Sysmex Launched Laboratory Information System for the Chinese market


Kobe. Sysmex Corporation has launched a Laboratory information system called for the Chinese market. was developed by a subsidiary based in China to meet the local requirements. Chinese government works out its policy to improve healthcare level and set out a regulation about medical information management. With an increase in the installation of diagnostic analyzers, on top of this, proper data management is becoming a critical issue. makes contributions to this end by facilitating data management of test results as well as analyzer quality control. It also includes support for the business functions such as revenue management, budget planning, asset management and reagent control within laboratory.

Following the release of Standard version in May 2004, Sysmex will launch the Advanced version next year to extensively meet customer's needs.

The Chinese economy achieved a remarkable performance in 2003, with a GDP of about 1,400 billion US$, at a growth rate of 9.1 %. With this economic growth, the no. of PC and internet users and IT installation in hospitals are increasing, especially in economically advanced coastal area. Hospitals in such area have been introducing advanced instruments in their laboratory and are faced with the necessity of handling high volume lab information. To satisfy a recently revised government regulation and regular quality audits, they put more focus on IT solution and thus the market of healthcare IT is thought to hold a huge potential to grow.

In 2001, Sysmex started to market a series of Laboman and as of June 2004, the license sales of Laboman easyAccess, a data management system packaged with hematology analyzer, exceeded 1,600., as an LIS, is capable of supporting multiple disciplines for comprehensive data management and quality control within laboratory.

Sysmex is a total solution provider who can provide integrated services of automated diagnostic analyzer, reagent, IT and service and support. We aim to become a leading company in Chinese market with making contributions to improve its healthcare.

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