World class lead optimisation services are key to new alliance between LGC and ChemOvation


LGC and ChemOvation have announced a collaboration agreement that will enable both parties to build on their comprehensive range of offerings to drug discovery companies. Based in Horsham, West Sussex, ChemOvation's core business areas are medicinal and organic chemistry and it also offers a unique library of synthetic compounds, backed up with a proven track record in drug discovery and a highly flexible and tailored approach to service provision. LGC's expertise in biomeasurement and its extensive capabilities in cell-based testing - particularly ADME-Tox testing - create a natural link with ChemOvation's offering in the drug discovery market.

Dr Derek Craston, Head of LGC's Pharmaceutical Services, said: "ChemOvation's impressive and high quality capability in medicinal chemistry makes an excellent fit with LGC's offering and while both LGC and ChemOvation have organic chemistry capabilities, these complement each other well rather than overlap. This collaboration is the latest in a number of alliances that LGC has formed as part of its business strategy for the Pharmaceutical Services Division. Through a combination of these alliances and our skills, LGC can offer a range of competences as part of a package of services that best meets each customer's needs."

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