Sigma-Aldrich Introduces the First Edition of the Glycoprotein Analysis Manual

A Comprehensive Collection of Products, Protocols, and Cutting Edge Tools For Leading Edge Research


Sigma, a division of Sigma- Aldrich has released a new 88-page manual designed specifically for glycobiology and glycoprotein researchers. The manual features a number of general protocols for purification and deglycosylation of glycoproteins as well as segments focused on classical glycan structures and linkages. In addition, each chapter contains a compilation of quality reagents and innovative kits that are essential to successful glycoprotein analysis.

New products and kits, including GlycoProfile(TM) kits, for 2004 are featured throughout the Manual. GlycoProfile(TM) products are uniquely formulated for chemical and enzymatic deglycosylation and fluorescent labeling and detection. Hundreds of other products such as glycolytic enzymes, glycoproteins, substrates, inhibitors, and lectins are listed in a functional, easy-to-use product directory.

"This brochure pulls together practical information, basic procedures, and a broad selection of high quality products optimized for glycoprotein analysis. Not only will scientists save time at the bench, they will also greatly reduce time spent performing tedious web and catalog searches. It's all at their fingertips!" said Lisa Masterson, Technical Marketing Specialist, Sigma-Aldrich.

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