Varian, Inc. and Sageful Corporation Announce Strategic Partnership and SMARTesting(TM) Solutions


Varian, Inc. announced a strategic partnership with Sageful Corporation for developing and marketing a broad-range of intelligent data management solutions which complement Varian, Inc.'s rapid drugs-of-abuse testing (DAT) products. These SMARTdata solutions enhance Varian, Inc.'s existing SMARTesting(TM) line of products by offering an automated means for gathering, analyzing, managing, and sharing outcomes. The company expects results to include more accountability, improved cost-savings, and streamlined processes for customers in both the criminal justice and workplace environments.

While all Varian, Inc.'s DAT products can be scanned, analyzed, reported and shared using the integrated data management software, OnSite(R) CupKit(TM) is the first of the DAT product line which streamlines the process further by automatically recognizing drug test results.

In addition to offering Sageful's enterprise data management solutions, Varian, Inc. is marketing a new suite of exclusive desktop solutions. These SMARTdata solutions address a wide spectrum of customer's needs: from a streamlined data recording product, TesTrak(TM), to a comprehensive information management solution, SMARTrak+(TM), that helps manage donors, results, schedules and chain-of-custody. Furthermore, all of these new solutions are available for a single workstation or an entire enterprise and all are fully upgradeable so customers can start with one system and seamlessly upgrade as their needs evolve.

For more than a decade, ANSYS Technologies and then Varian, Inc. (which acquired ANSYS in early 2002) were the exclusive manufacturer for Roche Diagnostics Corporation's drugs-of-abuse testing (DAT) business. In February 2003, Varian, Inc. purchased Roche's DAT business bringing the manufacturing, sales and marketing under one company. Since 1989, the OnoSite and OnTrak names have pioneered the industry with its convenient, cost-conscious drug screens delivering rapid, reliable results where and when needed the most. The advanced, patented manufacturing process uses latex technology to deliver results within five minutes surpassing the industry standard. These drug screens -- urine or saliva -- can be used for pre-employment screening, reasonable cause or incident-driven assessment, routine workplace testing, or court-mandated compliance.

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