Protein ID Mapping Service Available Free at Ariadne Genomics Web Site

Ariadne Genomics, Inc., announced the availability of its new free web service - Protein ID Mapping, enabling biology researchers from academia and pharmaceutical industry to map protein IDs from one database source or microarray platform to another. The new service is available at gene expression data from microarray experiments is now in abundance. However, it comes in the format of protein ID lists from various database sources or microarray platforms. To plan further experiments, scientists often need to find a list of ortholog IDs for a different organism, or re-map Probe IDs from one microarray chip to another. The new Service from Ariadne Genomics finds a specified set of database identification strings (IDs) for a list of protein names or IDs from a different source. The Protein ID Mapping Service works for the following databases: GenBank (including EST IDs) Microarray Probe ID (Affymetrix, Agilent) Unigene LocusLink Mouse Genome informatics (MGI) human genome Organization (HUGO) Rat Genome Database (RGD). "The development of Protein ID Mapping Service was inspired by multiple requests from our PathwayAssistTM customers", said Anton Yuryev, Director of Application Science of Ariadne Genomics. "It allows scientists to obtain LocusLink or Probe IDs corresponding to their EST IDs-for further experiment planning, or for import into PathwayAssistTM software for visualization and analysis."

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