Measurement of Aldehydes and Ketones

Guideline VDI 3862: Gaseous emission measurement


Guideline VDI 3862 describes measurement procedures for the Determination of aldehydes and ketones in stack emissions. The present parts broaden the spectrum of proven measurement procedures with two more methods.

Guideline 3892 Part 6 describes a method which is used for ambient and indoor air measurements in modification. The wet chemical photometric or fluorimetric method has the advantage of easy handling and requires only little instrumental expenditure. The procedure may be used for measurements of waste gases with high water contents. The fluorimetric method has been realized as an automatic measuring device.

Compared to this, Guideline VDI 3862 Part 7 describes a variant to the methods in Part 2 and 3 which is especially suited for measurements in waste gases with high moisture contents, e.g. of woodchip drying, feed stuff and sugar factories. Because of the high toxicity of tetrachloromethane the method should only be used in cases when the procedures according Parts 2 and 3 could lead to erroneous results.

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