Varian, Inc. Launches New Dissolution Tester With Direct Vessel Heating


Varian, Inc. expanded its V-Series line of dissolution testers by introducing the VK 7030 with patented Direct Vessel heating (DVH), designed to improve productivity, efficiency and automation for pharmaceutical laboratories. Unlike traditional dissolution testers that immerse vessels in water to regulate temperature, the new VK 7030 heats its patented vessels directly to raise the temperature inside.

Dissolution testing plays a key role in the pharmaceutical industry where it is used to determine bioavailability -- the rate at which active ingredients in a drug formulation become available to be used by the body. Bioavailability testing by this method is required throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing process to ensure product stability and consistency.

The patented Direct Vessel Heating (DVH) technology provides faster heat up of dissolution media, eliminates tedious chores associated with water bath draining and cleaning and alleviates algae build up.

"This new dissolution tester is expected to provide a major advantage for labs specializing in the analysis of biopharmaceutical formulations," said Martin O'Donoghue, vice president Scientific Instruments, Varian, Inc. "By streamlining the process from start to finish, it allows analysts to focus on acquiring and interpreting the data."

The Auto Temp in-vessel temperature monitoring system on the VK 7030 automatically measures and records individual vessel temperatures. Additionally, independent cannulas can be lowered individually or in unison and allow programmed staggered drops and sampling without disrupting vessel hydrodynamics while ensuring accurate sampling position.

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