Agilent Technologies completes acquisition of Seahorse Bioscience

04-Nov-2015 - USA

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced it has completed the acquisition of Seahorse Bioscience, which provides instruments and assay kits for measuring cell metabolism and bioenergetics. Agilent announced its intent to acquire Seahorse on Sept. 9 .

Seahorse’s leading technology enables researchers to better understand cell health, function and signaling, and how the cell may be impacted by the introduction of a specific drug, by providing real-time kinetics to unlock essential cellular bioenergetics data.

Agilent acquired Seahorse Bioscience because its unique technology complements Agilent’s leading separations and mass spectrometry solutions, in particular for metabolomics and disease research in pharma.

Scientists use Seahorse Bioscience’s proprietary XF Technology to research the role of cell metabolism in neurodegeneration, aging, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cell physiology, toxicology and hepatobiology, immunology, infectious diseases, mitochondrial diseases, model organisms, obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders, screening and translational medicine.

With the completion of the acquisition, most of the 200 employees who were with Seahorse are now part of the Mass Spectrometry Division of Agilent’s Life Sciences and Applied Markets Group.

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