14-Nov-2014 - Eurofins Genomics B.V.

Eurofins Genomics Achieves GLP Certification

Eurofins Genomics has now achieved Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certification for DNA sequencing services, the first genomic service provider in Germany to attain such qualification.

Good Laboratory Practice is a required standard for laboratories conducting non-clinical safety studies, for example, toxicology and pharmacology studies in animals. It is also required for non-clinical safety studies for the development of drugs, small molecules, vaccines and gene therapeutics. GLP standards are also critical for the development of diagnostic kits and device validation (FDA and patent submissions), the analyses of production strains and GMO plants like genetic stability testing (e.g. analysis of inserted DNA and its transcripts, etc.). Eurofins Genomics is GLP certified for "DNA sequencing for genotyping and safety testing of GMOs, microorganisms, viruses, cell banks and cell lines". With this certificate, Eurofins Genomics offers not only Sanger sequencing services under GLP, but also next generation sequencing (NGS) applications.

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