15-Aug-2014 - Postnova Analytics GmbH

DKSH exclusively distributes Postnova Analytics’ Field-Flow Fractionation systems

DKSH and Postnova Analytics have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam

DKSH Business Unit Technology is a full service provider for high quality scientific equipment for research institutions, universities and commercial testing laboratories across South East Asia. With emphasis on application support, training, knowledge transfer and equipment servicing, DKSH is the partner of choice for Postnova’s expansion in these countries.

The Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF) separation mechanism allows characterization of nanoparticles, proteins and polymers based on their size and molar mass. FFF technology provides huge benefits to scientists for the separation and characterization of macro species and particles, which are not able to be separated by conventional chromatography techniques. Postnova’s FFF Platform has become an invaluable tool for pharmaceutical-, polymer-, food-, cosmetic- and environmental applications, including the characterization of substances such as proteins, antibodies and vaccines.

Thorsten Klein, CEO, Postnova Analytics, commented: “We are happy to have DKSH, the leading provider of scientific solutions in South East Asia, as our partner for bringing our innovative and patented technology into the labs of this emerging part of the world. We think DKSH with its long experience and highly-qualified professional staff will be able to have a large success while introducing the Postnova FFF Platform in the Asian growth markets.

Bruno Sidler, COO of DKSH, stated: “We are pleased to complement our product portfolio in the scientific instruments market with a high-quality manufacturer such as Postnova Analytics and we are looking forward to expand Postnova's market share by leveraging our extensive network and customer base in South East Asia.”

Postnova’s powerful high-resolution particle separation and FFF technique are setting a new standard in particle characterization and will perfectly complement DKSH’s material characterization premium product portfolio. The new agreement demonstrates DKSH's ability to roll out success stories from country to country. It will further strengthen DKSH’s market position in South East Asia while contributing incrementally to the Group’s overall profitability over time.

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