Dow Corning Strengthens Global R&D Network, Expands Solar Solutions Lab to Support Customers in Greater China

New, Advanced Solar Energy Research and Testing Facility Drives Customers' Technology Development and Silicon-Based Innovation

26-Sep-2012 - China

Dow Corning has expanded its Solar Solutions Lab in the China Business and Technology Center (CBTC) with cutting-edge photovoltaic (PV) research and testing capabilities that support the emerging needs of customers in Greater China. At the Solar Solutions Lab in the CBTC, Dow Corning will collaborate closely with customers to help advance the global solar PV market. On-site laboratory capabilities include performing environmental testing, testing new silicone encapsulation technologies, testing new technology for module installation, and optimizing solar module production processes based on new silicone materials for PV.

Established in 2010, the Solar Solutions Lab in the CBTC is one of the state-of-the-art facilities in Dow Corning’s global network of renewable energy research centers based in Europe, the United States and Asia. This facility is dedicated to improving customer service by shortening the innovation cycle that turns market opportunities and new ideas into profitable solutions.

Among the core strengths and rigorous testing capabilities available at the Dow Corning Solar Solutions Lab at the CBTC are:

  • Solar Encapsulant Curing Behavior Test: Testing is conducted to evaluate curing time, coating thickness and uniformity, tack value and cohesion of module encapsulants.
  • Environmental Aging Test: Thermal cycling, humidity-freeze and damp-heat tests are conducted to determine solar panel or Si-material aging.
  • Solar Panel Cutting Test: Cutting across the modules or panel’s substrate and substrate surfaces is performed, to meet UL requirements.
  • Solar Panel Manufacturing Process: Small sample-size solar panels are produced with the following processes: cell matrix preparation; coating; curing; vacuum and lamination; and framing and sealing.
  • Solar Module Electric Test: EL/WLC/IV: The Solar Solutions Lab in CBTC is capable of electrical tests following solar module aging tests.
  • Experimental PID Testing under Qualification: Designed to support a solar module’s new characteristic reliability.

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