Epigenomics AG Licenses Biomarker for Colorectal Cancer Blood Test Screening to Canadian Warnex Medical Laboratories

04-May-2010 - Germany

Epigenomics AG and Warnex Medical Laboratories, a division of Warnex Inc., announced that they have signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement for Epigenomics' colorectal cancer biomarker Septin9. Under the terms of the agreement, Warnex has obtained the rights to establish a laboratory-developed test for Septin9 and offer colorectal cancer blood testing services in Canada. Warnex plans to launch the testing service in the next few months. As the first laboratory to offer Septin9 testing in Canada, Warnex, subject to certain conditions, enjoys a time-limited head-start period of exclusivity for the Canadian market. Epigenomics will be entitled to certain royalty payments. Further contractual details were not disclosed.

In numerous studies with over 3,300 blood samples, Epigenomics has demonstrated that methylated DNA of the Septin9 gene in blood plasma is a reliable indicator of colorectal cancer of all stages and all locations. This paved the way for a convenient blood test for colorectal cancer early detection that can easily be integrated into the patient's routine physical, is non-invasive and does not require any drug or dietary restrictions.

"Warnex is the ideal partner to make colorectal cancer blood testing based on our Septin9 biomarker available in Canada. This agreement is an important further step in the international rollout of Septin9 testing, which is already commercially available in the US and Europe", commented Geert Nygaard, Chief Executive Officer of Epigenomics.

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