analytica 2020: Bioanalysis for personalized medicine

28-Feb-2020 - Germany

The world’s leading trade fair analytica provides more comprehensive information about the rapid progress in bioanalysis and biotechnology than any other event does. Know-how for the daily work in the biological lab is to be had in the Forum Biotech in Hall A3. This is also where the Finance Days with the focus day personalized medicine take place.

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Forum Biotech: Inspiration and practical tips for the biological lab

From high-throughput genotyping through revolutionary concepts for cancer diagnostics to characterization of biopharmaceuticals: Visitors to analytica 2020 can look forward to a wide variety of innovations for the biotech and healthcare sectors. “analytica drives progress in bioanalysis and biotechnology by offering the industry a presentation and information platform that is unique in the world,” says Messe München’s analytica Exhibition Director Susanne Grödl. The extensive supporting program at analytica moreover makes it easy for all participants to make new contacts and maintain existing ones.

analytica forums: More efficiency in the biological lab

In the Forum Biotech in Hall A3, there will be insider knowledge for the biological lab presented on the first two days of the fair: The exhibitor New England Biolabs presents a novel genotyping method that creates genetic fingerprints at high throughput—ideal for animal or plant breeding, biobanks, and pharmaceutical research. The Forum Biotech takes up the trend in the pharmaceutical industry towards biotechnologically produced drugs as well. Thus, Brookhaven Instruments will address characterization of monoclonal antibodies using dynamic light scattering (DLS). Agilent, in turn, is going to explain how liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry can be used to examine biopharmaceuticals.

In addition to these and many other lectures in the Forum Biotech, the other analytica forums also provide inspiration for bioanalysts: In the Forum Digital Transformation in Hall B2, visitors will experience a live demonstration of digitalized biological sample preparation, and in the Forum Laboratory & Analysis in Hall B1, Postnova Analytics is going to present the still relatively new technique of field flow fractionation, which is suitable not only for nanoparticles and microplastics, but also for viruses and biomolecules.

Personalized medicine in focus

Due to the great interest in health-related topics, analytica once more invites visitors to the Focus Day Personalized Medicine. It will take place in the context of the Finance Days on Friday, April 03, at the Forum Biotech. From 10:00 to 15:00, experts from the biotech, pharmaceutical and diagnostics sectors will address the current status and future direction of individualized therapies. Keynote speaker Dr. Dr. Saskia Biskup will open the event with a talk on personalized medicine from various perspectives. She runs a human genetics specialist practice in Tübingen, is the managing director of the diagnostics company CeGaT, and also does research at the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research in Tübingen.

Some individualized treatments are already in use, but most concepts are still in the development phase. At the analytica Conference from March 31 to April 2, renowned researchers from all over the world will discuss their latest insights on personalized medicine, diagnostics, and many other areas of modern analytics. The agenda includes sessions on immunoassays and biomarkers, molecular diagnostics of allergies and asthma, clinical mass spectrometry, and the promising technology of liquid biopsy, which detects cancer cells in blood.

Expanded Finance Days: Expert tips on financing

Apart from research institutes, it is mainly start-ups that drive the biotech sector. “Their spirit of innovation is unbroken, but the search for capital remains a challenge,” emphasizes analytica Exhibition Director Grödl. “We have expanded the analytica Finance Days to provide young companies with even more detailed information about financing models, and to get them into contact with investors.” They will start on April 1 in the Forum Biotech with an opening keynote by Marc Filerman, CEO of the German Accelerators Life Science. On April 02, the event will continue with an impulse talk entitled “From Start-up to Global Player”, as well as panels on financing trends, IPOs and more.

In a word: As the world’s leading trade fair, analytica covers all aspects of modern bioanalysis and biotechnology. Almost ⅓ of the exhibitors offer products and services in the field of biotechnology. Analytica currently features a total of 1265 registered exhibitors, thus already having set a new exhibitor record.

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analytica preview 2024

analytica preview 2024

Here, innovative exhibitors present their trade fair innovations, premieres and product innovations for analytica 2024.

70+ products