25-Mar-2010 - Phenomenex Inc.

Phenomenex Launches Chiral Screening Service

Phenomenex Inc. announces a Chiral Screening Service for customers in pharmaceutical and natural products research and development. This free service provides target screening using a library of HPLC and SFC columns including the Phenomenex Lux polysaccharide-based offerings. After resolving the chiral compound, Phenomenex also produces method development and optimization for the service customer, all within 10 business days.

Enantiomers of chiral compounds may have different pharmacological effects in biological systems. Regulations require that enantiomers of all chiral drugs in development be screened separately on their pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties.

"Resolving chiral compounds is relatively difficult, and column selection can be complicated," explained Kari Carlson, brand manager for Phenomenex. "Our Chiral Screening Service eliminates time-consuming guesswork and also gives customers a chance to 'test-drive' our Lux columns."

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