CLC bio achieves massive growth in 2009 and closes year with 7-figure deal

08-Jan-2010 - Denmark

CLC bio announced that their financial year 2009 was closed with a 7-figure US Dollar deal involving a multinational corporation working extensively with high-throughput sequencing data analysis on multiple levels.

Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing at CLC bio, Jan Lomholdt, states, "I am satisfied with the fact that we have implemented a 3-tier Next Generation Sequencing data analysis platform in one of the worlds largest multinational biotechnology corporations. This shows that we are pushing the standards for any industry working with Next Generation Sequencing, and we look forward to announcing similar deals throughout 2010."

The agreement also means that CLC bio managed a year over year increase in sales of more than 130% during 2009 compared to 2008, whereas 2007 to 2008 resulted in an increase of 108%.

CEO at CLC bio, Thomas Knudsen, continues, "We're extremely proud of the triple digit growth we're announcing alongside this deal today - especially taking the worldwide economical situation into consideration. We experience accelerated global interest in our Next Generation Sequencing solutions - especially in our enterprise level solutions. Thus I expect a continued aggressive growth in CLC bio’s sales volume in 2010. "

CLC bio has started 2010 with opening new offices in Stockholm, Sweden and in Rotterdam, Netherlands. CLC bio now has offices in 9 countries around the globe to better serve customers in the pharmaceutical industry, agricultural biotechnology, human biotechnology, as well as government and academic research institutes.

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