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Dissolved Oxygen measurement in theory and in practice

Calibration, Anaytical Quality Assurance, electrochemical and optical D.O. measurement

The handy A5 brochure offers a theoretical introduction into dissolved oxygen measurement and a multitude of practical tips









Fundamentals, Dissolved Oxygen Sensors


  • Calibration in water vapor-saturated air
  • Calibration in air-saturated water
  • The calibration process in the measuring meter
  • Sensor test in water-vapor saturated air
  • Sensor test in air-saturated water
  • Sensor test using zero solution

Measurement and analytical quality assurance

  • Cleaning and regenerating the sensor
  • Unit and display of the measuring result
  • Display as a concentration value
  • Display as oxygen saturation percentage
  • Potential error sources
  • Polarization times (running-in time) before measurement
  • Drift check (AUTOREAD)
  • Importance of flow
  • Salt content correction
  • Impact of interfering gases
  • Solubility function

Optical D.O. measurement

  • The principle of optical measurement
  • Characteristics of the optical dissolved oxygen sensors
  • Calibration of optical dissolved oxygen sensors
  • Cleaning of optical dissolved oxygen sensors
  • Impact of interfering gases

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