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speedwave XTRACT by Berghof

Microwave sample preparation: Fast and safe

speedwave XTRACT: High efficiency and low operating costs for environmental and food analyses

Lowest operating costs - unsurpassed service life and warranty also on the vessels ✓ Simple, intuitive operation - No sensor connection, simply open, close and clean vessels ✓ SafePrep - maximum safety Both for microwave digestion and extraction ✓...

analytica environmental analysis environmental analytics +13
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QX600 Droplet Digital PCR System by Bio-Rad Laboratories

Precise multiplex genome analysis: up to 12 markers per well

Maximum efficiency and sensitivity with the 6-colour droplet digital PCR system

Confidence in your results - Absolute quantification eliminates standard curves and inaccuracy ✓ Unparalleled reproducibility (<10% CV), sensitive detection even with challenging or complex samples ✓ Gold standard performance and maximum flexibility through a simple, automated workflow ✓...

bioanalysis copy number variation analysis detection of contamination +17
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Microbiology QC products by Cytiva

Efficient membrane filtration for food and beverage testing

Optimize your laboratory tests with versatile filtration systems

Sustainable solutions for filter funnels (partially disposable or reusable) ✓ Wide choice of membranes ✓ Reduce contamination risk ✓...

bioburden testing filter funnels filters +10
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Nexera UC by Shimadzu

Fast and resource-saving liquid chromatography with SFC

New possibilities in liquid chromatography and reduced CO2 foodprint

Time savings thanks to faster separation times compared to conventional HPLC ✓ More data security and sample information thanks to sharper peaks in the chromatogram ✓ Resource-saving technology thanks to lower CO2 emissions compared to conventional HPLC ✓...

chiral separation chromatography HPLC +8
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LUMiFuge® by LUM

Fast and accurate analysis of dispersion stability from 4°C to 60°C

Precise results for up to 8 dispersions simultaneously

Test formulations under original storage & usage temperatures, regardless of whether they are sold in cold, temperate or hot climates...

analytical centrifugation dispersion analysers dispersion characterization +5
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LUMiFrac by LUM

The New Standard in Adhesion and Cohesion Testing

Materials Testing According to ISO 4624, DIN EN 15870 and More

Adhesive and tensile strength of composite materials, multi-layer films and bonded parts are determined by the LUMiFrac without sample clamping...

adhesive analytics adhesives battery technology +13
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Moisture/Solids/Volatiles Analyzer: One System, Limitless Testing

The SMART 6 features two major innovations compared to CEM's previous SMART 5 system: the ability to accurately analyze both wet and dry samples and a significant reduction in sample drying times...

drying drying oven drying systems +10
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PlasmaQuant MS Elite by Analytik Jena

LC-ICP-MS Is the Key to the World of Elemental Species

Highest Sensitivity and Lowest Detection Limits with PlasmaQuant MS Series and PQ LC

An efficient, fast and accurate routine analysis ✓ Cost effective ✓ Extensive accessories ✓...

environmental testing food analytics food safety +15
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IonTamer ToF MS by Spacetek Technology

IonTamer instruments are time-of-flight residual gas analysers (TOF-RGA) for the analysis of gases

Compact Time-of-flight residual gas analyzer (TOF-RGA) for process analysis

Full quantitative chemical analysis in real-time up to ten times per second ✓ Directly integrated in-line into manufacturing process and supporting full remote control ✓ Simultaneous acquisition of full mass spectra at high resolution (masses up to 1200 u/e) ✓...

analysis of hazardous air pollutants electron spectroscopy gas analysis +9
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compEAct Serie by Analytik Jena

compEAct: Efficient determination of sulphur and nitrogen in liquids, gases and LPG samples

Individually adaptable degree of automation from manual handling to fully automated operation

Precise measurement of sulphur and nitrogen contents ✓ Efficient analysis due to high sample throughput ✓ Safe and low-maintenance analysis solution with low space requirement ✓...

C/N/S/X analysis elemental analysis elemental analyzers +8
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