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Crystal16 by Technobis

Crystal16 - the ultimate instrument for research and process development

Upgrade your crystallization screens with the next generation benchtop crystallization system

Temperature dependent solubility curve in only 4 hours! ✓ A powerful system to simply use for polymorphism, salt or co-crystal formation ✓ Induction time measurements and phase diagrams have never been easier! ✓...

analyzers co-crystal screening crystallization +12
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Pioneer PX by Ohaus

Never before has a low-cost balance been such a good long-term investment

Accurate results every time - even when exposed to temperature fluctuations & electromagnetic fields

Top performance & reliable results even with temperature fluctuations and electromagnetic fields ✓ Balance can be operated without reading the manual, thanks to the intelligent two-line display ✓ Internal calibration saves time and money by eliminating the need for separate calibration weights ✓...

analytical balances balances density determination +5
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Automatische XPR-Waagen by Mettler-Toledo

Production of standards, samples and concentrations - fast and reliable

Automate the weighing processes in your laboratory - ideal also for sample prep at chromatography

Manual weighing and automated dosing of powders and liquids in one instrument ✓ Maximum operator safety combined with higher productivity and throughput ✓ Automated weighing with readability up to 2 µg and maximum load up to 320g ✓...

automated dosing balances chromatography +4
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Neue XPR Top Performance Präzisionswaage by Mettler-Toledo

XPR Laboratory Balance Series - highest performance with effortless compliance

Exceptional results and intelligent quality assurance

Outstanding weighing performance with audit-proof results at all times ✓ Weighing at 1 mg readability without a draft shield - quick and easy ✓ User guidance, automatic documentation and central management with LabX software ✓...

analytical balances fine balances formulation +5
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