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multi X 2500 - the all-rounder for AOX analysis

The Top 3 Advantages

Wide range of applications - AOX, EOX, POX, TOC, TX/TOX sum parameters


Vertical and horizontal sample introduction


High sample throughput and precise measurements

Simple determination of adsorbable organically bound halogens

The multi X 2500 is a versatile all-rounder. The device offers easy operation, a wide range of application options and a high degree of automation.

Sophisticated sampling systems:

- fully or partially automated AOX determination

- high throughput of AOX samples

- flexible and cost-efficient

With the multi X 2500 both fully and partially automated AOX determination is possible. Use the versatile sample preparation systems and autosamplers for the preparation and analysis of a wide variety of samples such as drinking water, groundwater, sludge or sediments. With ready-made methods, the multi X 2500 can be adapted to different measurement tasks in no time at all. In this way, you quickly determine relevant environmental parameters and ensure a high sample throughput in your laboratory. The multi X 2500 is versatile, reliable, easy to use and can do much more than AOX/EOX/POX analysis. The parameter TOC, which is important in water analysis, is just as much a part of its application spectrum as the determination of chlorine contents (TX/TOX) for difficult matrices.

  • AOX systems

  • adsorbable organic halogen compounds

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  • TOC analysers

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