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Automatic Steam Distillation for Kjeldahl Analysis

The Top 3 Advantages

Fast: Only 4 minutes to the distillate


Top-grade protection of user and work environment


Economical: Long operating life at low costs

Easy, Fast and Safe Sample Preparation by Steam Distillation

Nitrogen determination according to Kjeldahl is recognized the world over as a reference method, so optimal sample preparation is a must. VAPODEST lets you distill safely and quickly not only samples for the determination of nitrogen according to Kjeldahl, but also of cyanide, SO2, ammonia, phenol, sorbic acid or alcohol. Its automatic logging of the work steps and standardized data management let you look forward to your next audit with peace of mind. Operating VAPODEST is simple and easy thanks to its touchscreen.

Benefit from 130 years of experience in constructing equipment for Kjeldahl analysis. C. Gerhardt offers you Kjeldahl solutions ranging from classical apparatuses for the smallest of quantities to fully automated systems. Turn VAPODEST, individually adapted to your sample volume, into a powerful complete solution for Kjeldahl digestion and analysis by adding either the classical digestion apparatus or the KJELDATHERM digestion unit.

  • Kjeldahl analysis

  • steam distillation

  • protein characterization

  • nitrogen determination

  • feed analysis

  • food analytics

  • environmental analysis

  • Kjeldahl systems

  • steam distillation systems

  • distillation systems

  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

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