The New Standard for Speed and Precision in High-Throughput-qPCR: qTOWER³

The Top 3 Advantages

Expandable Filter Module System for Maximum Flexibility


Patented Fiber-optic System for Ideal Real-Time PCR


High-Quality Silver Sample Block for Optimal Thermal Conductivity

Maximum Results Due to Silver Sample Block Technology, Fiber-Optic System and Minimal Scan Times

This qPCR cycler guarantees the ideal excitation of known fluorescent dyes up to the deep red range. The patented fiber-optic shuttle system with its unique light source, composed of four high-performance LEDs. In the process, the detection module can accept up to six different color filter modules. The retrofitting option ensures that users can also integrate future innovative developments from Analytik Jena.

The proven silver block technology of the qPCR cycler offers outstanding control precision of ± 0.1 °C over the entire 96 well block in 0.2 ml format. This PCR thermal cycler can be optimally adapted to new assays, thanks to its gradient function. The qTOWER³ is available either as a stand-alone device with integrated touchscreen operation (10“) or as a computer-aided system. The software contains a broad spectrum of optimized analysis algorithms, including absolute and relative quantification, ddCt method, PCR efficiency, allelic discrimination, end-point detection, and melting curve, and protein analysis.

  • quantitative PCR

  • PCR

  • molecular biology

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