Production of standards, samples and concentrations - fast and reliable

The Top 3 Advantages

Manual weighing and automated dosing of powders and liquids in one instrument


Maximum operator safety combined with higher productivity and throughput


Automated weighing with readability up to 2 µg and maximum load up to 320g

Automate the weighing processes in your laboratory - ideal also for sample prep at chromatography

With the automated XPR balance, you achieve weighing accuracy that cannot be achieved with manual methods. The automated approach saves time, protects the user from contact with toxic substances and delivers highly reproducible results by minimizing the influence of external error sources on the weighing process. Nevertheless, the balance can be used in parallel for manual weighing processes without removing the dosing attachment.

In combination with a liquid dosing module, the automatic XPR balance enables the production of highly precise concentrations down to 0.1 mg/g. The required amounts of solvent, standard and sample are significantly reduced, saving costs and waste. Simply connect your XPR automatic balance to a sample changer and dispense solids and liquids into up to 30 containers in a fully automated, unattended run! If your processes require even more automation, the CHRONECT XPR Robotic Powder Dispensing platform allows you to produce up to 288 samples/formulations, each consisting of up to 32 powders, in a single run in a fully automated process.

  • chromatography

  • sample preparation

  • automated dosing

  • automated weighing

  • concentration production

  • standard preparation

  • standard production

  • weighing of toxic substances

  • formulation

  • balances

  • Automatic XPR scale

  • CHRONECT XPR robotic liquid- and powder dosing

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