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VisioNize Lab Suite - cloud-based lab and device management platform

The Top 3 Advantages

Manage and monitor your entire device fleet


Receive real-time notifications to act quickly and precise


Receive support for your audit preparations due to export function and detailed audit trail

Designed to empower you to focus on ​your next breakthrough

Are you looking for a device monitoring solution for your laboratory? Interested in receiving notifications, e.g. in case of power outage or when user interventions are required during your experiment?

The VisioNize Lab Suite offers even more.

With the cloud-based platform, you get flexible access to digital services, e.g. remote monitoring, supporting you in the areas of sample safety, compliance needs and maintenance management by reducing manual steps and facilitating overall lab management practices.

VisioNize Lab Suite is your solution for an efficient lab management. Get access to a modular bundle of software services and choose what works for your lab.

These services integrate well together to support you and your lab – with future updates for a sustainable investment. As you and your lab expand over time, VisioNize Lab Suite will evolve also to fulfill your needs.

  • Device Parameter Tracking

  • Device Temperature Monitoring

  • Lab Process Management

  • Parameter Monitoring

  • Asset Management Software

  • Device Management Software

  • Lab Management Software

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