The Only Direct and Accelerated Stability Analysis

The Top 3 Advantages

Comparative and predictive shelf life analysis according to ISO/TR 13097


Multi-sample device, simultaneous measurement of up to 8 samples under identical conditions


Direct and accelerated stability analysis from + 4°C to + 60°C

Stability & storage stability of emulsions & suspensions in original concentration quickly & reliably

The new generation of the proven stability analyzer LUMiFuge® considerably simplifies quality control in industry by introducing the instability index in the SEPView® 6 software. The LUMiFuge, which uses the measuring principle of analytical centrifugation, is one of the standard devices for rapid dispersion characterization. Using the patented STEP-Technology®, the LUMiFuge simultaneously determines the separation of 8 different diluted or concentrated dispersions up to 2300 times faster, the results correlate very well with the sample behavior at earth gravity. The innovative analyzer thus realizes stability tests and shelf life determinations (according to ISO/TR 13097) of original dispersions significantly faster than in a test tube in the earth's gravity field.

The very large temperature range from 4°C to 60°C offers possible uses of the LUMiFuge®111 in a variety of applications in the chemical, cosmetic (ISO/TR 18811), food and pharmaceutical industries, in the paint and petroleum sector.

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