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Signal gradients in 3-D guide stem cell behavior

System can help discern recipes for tissue and organ repair and replacements


Scientists know that physical and biochemical signals can guide cells to make, for example, muscle, blood vessels or bone. But the exact recipes to produce the desired tissues have proved elusive. Now, researchers at Case Western Reserve University have taken a step toward identifying that mix by ...


Fluid Metering has rolled-out its new expanded website


FMI is a manufacturer of Precision Valveless Dispensers and Metering Pumps for Laboratory, Process and Production applications, as well as applications for OEM medical and analytical instrumentation.The New website includes detailed descriptions, animations and videos of Fluid Metering’s unique ...


Growth for Vacuum Pumps is in High-Tech Applications, According to Frost & Sullivan

The European market will expand from €405.2 million in 2010 to €750.1 million in 2017


The European vacuum pumps market is anticipated to witness growth, fuelled by high-tech applications for vacuum technologies and the rising awareness of the benefits of using vacuum systems.New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Strategic Analysis of the European Vacuum Pumps Market, finds that the ...


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Water is an active element in proteins

Bochum’s researchers discover proton diode


Biophysicists in Bochum have discovered a diode for protons: just like the electronic component determines the direction of flow of electric current, the “proton diode” ensures that protons can only pass through a cell membrane in one direction. Water molecules play an important role here as ...


ITT agrees to purchase Nova Analytics


ITT Corporation announced its agreement to purchase Nova Analytics Corporation. Nova Analytics is a privately held manufacturer of premium quality laboratory, field, portable, and on-line analytical instruments used in water and wastewater, environmental, medical, and food and beverage ...


Scientists patent corrosion-resistant nano-coating for metals

Thinner, less toxic than existing coatings; efficient and economical to produce


Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory have developed a method for coating metal surfaces with an ultrathin film containing nanoparticles which renders the metal resistant to corrosion and eliminates the use of toxic chromium for this purpose. The scientists ...


Using light to move and trap DNA molecules


A major goal of nanotechnology research is to create a "lab on a chip," in which a tiny biological sample would be carried through microscopic channels for processing. This could make possible portable, fast-acting detectors for disease organisms or food-borne pathogens, rapid DNA sequencing and ...


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New small-scale generator produces alternating current by stretching zinc oxide wires


Researchers have developed a new type of small-scale electric power generator able to produce alternating current through the cyclical stretching and releasing of zinc oxide wires encapsulated in a flexible plastic substrate with two ends bonded. The new "flexible charge pump" generator is the ...


'Chemical equator' discovery will aid pollution mapping


Scientists at the University of York have discovered a 'Chemical Equator' that divides the polluted air of the Northern Hemisphere from the largely uncontaminated atmosphere of the Southern Hemisphere. Researchers from the University's Department of Chemistry found evidence for an atmospheric ...


Thermo Fisher Scientific Strengthens Life Sciences Portfolio With the Addition of Spectronex and Flux Instruments


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced it has acquired SwissAnalytic Group AG, based in Basel, Switzerland. SwissAnalytic Group owns Spectronex AG and Flux Instruments AG, which had combined revenue of approximately $22 million USD in fiscal year 2006. Spectronex is a supplier of mass ...


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