Midatech announces priority nanoparticle patent granted by US


Midatech Group has received a US grant on its proprietary patent application (US09,622253), protecting the Company's novel nanoparticle technology. The US Patent Office has issued allowance of 121 claims, placing Midatech as the global leader in nanotechnology for biological applications, according to the company. Equivalent patent applications have previously been granted in Australia (AU2001294068) and Europe (EP1326589B).

More specifically, this patent covers the single-step process for the self-assembly of nanoparticles that contain a central core of a noble metal surrounded by a corona of biologically relevant ligands. Such nanoparticles have a range of unique characteristics that make them ideal for applications such as targeted drug delivery and diagnostic imaging. Superparamagnetic properties also allow for thermal heating and subsequent cell apoptosis upon application of an alternating radiofrequency electromagnetic field.

"The grant of this patent represents the cornerstone of Midatech's nanotechnology IP portfolio and positions Midatech as the world leader in the development of nanoparticles for nanomedicine", commented Professor Tom Rademacher, Chairman of Midatech Group. "This affirmation of our technology by the US Patent Office puts Midatech in an extremely strong position from which to engage in high value international collaborations in order to advance our nanoparticles into the clinic".

Midatech's nanoparticles are currently being used in a number of projects including targeted drug delivery for specific diseases, oncology, siRNA delivery, targeted cell killing (through radiofrequency heating), synthetic vaccine construction and medical imaging.

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