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Munich International Trade Fairs and Chemie.DE launch new portal


The new theme portal is online: In the future, the global analysis community will have access to even more services and information about the analysis and biotechnology sector including interactive information features and market overviews, regularly updated news and a new search assistant. Thanks to Munich International Trade Fairs' global industry network and years of editorial expertise on the part of Chemie.DE Information Service GmbH, the portal gives users a comprehensive information platform for the analysis, laboratory-technology, biotechnology and life-science industry.

The new range of information at includes regularly updated news, product innovations, technical articles, company-related information, seminars and training courses, a job exchange and interactive market overviews, forming a complete solution that meets the information needs of the analysis, laboratory-technology, biotechnology and life-science sectors. With around-the-clock access, RSS feeds and a newsletter with more than 23,000 subscribers the portal gives users extensive, up-to-date information about the entire world of analytical science. In addition to Germany, the portal takes Europe and the United States into account as well as the rapidly growing regions of China and India, where Munich International Trade Fairs also has trade shows.

The multi-lingual theme portal at addresses an international audience of industry professionals and uses innovative online features developed specifically for the industry's needs. For example, instead of using static, quickly outdated tables, the market overviews at the portal are interactive, constantly updated online tools. An efficient search assistant, links between specific content in various articles, convenient print capabilities and PDF downloads facilitate the professional use of the diverse range of information.

"Combined with our analytica exhibitions in Germany, India and China, the portal offers the global industry unique added value. After all, our exhibition presence in Munich, Hyderabad and Shanghai not only helps companies to establish personal business contacts at these locations. It also gives these growth markets as well as their local manufacturers, distributors and users from industrial and scientific laboratories virtual access to the network," explains Hans-Joachim Heusler, Managing Director of Munich International Trade Fairs and responsible for the analytica exhibition network. "Direct networking with Asian markets is now a key business factor for European and American companies, as well."

According to Stefan Knecht, Managing Director of Chemie.DE, "The key strengths of the new portal include its interactive information features, which give the user quick and comprehensive access to relevant information. Other features such as up-to-date news and interactive market overviews offer vital tools for industry representatives to keep up with daily developments and changes in the global market."

The portal is operated jointly by Munich International Trade Fairs and Chemie.DE Information Service GmbH in Berlin and can be called up at

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