BioInformatics LLC Publishes Study of Preferred Cell Biology Brands

BioInformatics, LLC released its latest research report: "Brand Positioning: Cell biology Kits & reagents." The report is the first in a series of six focused on brand positioning in various life science product categories. "In the cell biology space, we found Sigma-Aldrich and Qiagen to be the most differentiated brands," said Dr. Tamara Zemlo, Director of Syndicated Research at BioInformatics. "The ultimate goal of our research is to assist companies in these markets to adopt a unique brand positioning strategy that is based on scientists' perceptions of their products." Specific companies profiled in detail in this report include: BD Biosciences; Cell Signaling Technology; GE Healthcare; Invitrogen; Pierce Biotechnology; Promega; Qiagen; R&D Systems; Roche Applied Science; and Sigma-Aldrich. The other five product categories analyzed in related reports are: gene expression and analysis products; instrumentation for genomic analysis; instrumentation for protein analysis; nucleic acid purification products; and protein separation products. These reports examine the leading brands using a variety of models across a '4D' methodology - distinct, desirable, delivery and durable.

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