IMGM Laboratories GmbH - first service provider in Europe holding an accreditation for microarray analyses

Microarray-based gene expression analyses DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and DIN EN ISO 15189 accredited


Since 2003, IMGM Laboratories holds an accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and DIN EN ISO 15189. At the beginning of this year, microarray-based gene expression analyses have been included into this accreditation.

Hence, IMGM Laboratories currently is the only company in Europe accredited for microarray-based gene expression studies.

As a provider of advanced genomic services, IMGM Laboratories GmbH offers its customers a top-quality microarray analysis service meeting all quality requirements with regard to documentation, quality control and data validity.

Especially in the context of pre-clinical and clinical studies, during which data with a possible relevance for regulatory affairs are generated and evaluated, a laboratory accreditation is of high importance for the conducted analyses.

Customers of IMGM Laboratories can rely on the fact that data is produced under well-controlled conditions by technically competent staff, and that all experimental steps are fully documented.

To analyze gene expression profiles, IMGM Laboratories uses the whole genome microarray platform AB1700 from Applied Biosystems. This platform, characterized by its very low-noise chemiluminescence detection system, features a superior genome coverage, high sensitivity and reproducibility. An excellent annotation facilitates transition into various biological databases, which can then provide valuable information e.g. about signaling pathways.

For subsequent validation of identified candidate genes by real-time PCR, IMGM Laboratories also offers an accredited service.

In addition to microarray and real-time PCR analyses, the accreditation of IMGM Laboratories covers various DNA-based technologies (e.g. PCR, sequencing, SNP genotyping etc.), which are applied e.g. for pharmacogenetic investigations, association studies or HLA typing.

IMGM Laboratories GmbH is a service provider specializing in advanced genomic services. These services range from RNA- and DNA-based analyses to professional bioinformatics and consulting.

IMGM Laboratories addresses customers from pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotech industries, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and customers from academic research.

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