03-Apr-2007 - Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Alnylam Grants Bio-Rad License to Kreutzer-Limmer Patents for the RNA Interference (RNAi) Research Products Market

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced today that it has granted Bio-Rad a non-exclusive license to provide RNAi research products under the Kreutzer-Limmer patent family. This patent family, owned exclusively by Alnylam, covers small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) and their use to mediate RNAi in mammalian cells.

"Execution of this license agreement with Bio-Rad, a global leader in the life science research community, continues to underscore the value of the Kreutzer-Limmer patent family as a critical component of fundamental intellectual property in the field of RNAi," said Roland Kreutzer, Ph.D., Managing Director of Alnylam Europe AG. "This agreement brings the number of licenses that Alnylam has granted to more than 20, including 13 with research product suppliers. In fact, we believe that over 75 percent of industrial sales of siRNAs for research purposes are currently being made under access to Alnylam's intellectual property."

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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