New studies show the benefits of biotech healthcare innovation for patients and society


The new version of the study BiOiMPACT released on the occasion of BioVision, the World Life Sciences Forum in Lyon, shows new positive findings about the impact of biotechnology on the treatment of a number of diseases that heavily affect millions of patients: breast cancer, cardio-vascular diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases and chronic inflammatory joint diseases.

The new findings clearly demonstrate that biotechnology provides major added-value in healthcare, in terms of:

- Better diagnosed, better treated and better cured patients;

- Improved efficiency and safety and reduced inefficiencies in the healthcare systems;

- Significant contribution to progress in science, medicine and societal and economic growth.

The study shows that only a minority of medicines derived from biotechnology are being developed in Europe, which indicates a weakness in Europe's ability to promote a pro-innovation policy framework.

"The patient testimonials and science-based information in these updated studies, presented in a clear and accessible manner are proof of the great contribution of biotech to address unmet medical needs. In order to guarantee continued access to the most innovative care, it is vital to create an optimal environment for the discovery and development of, as well as for patient access to biotech therapies in Europe," said Mr Andrea Rappagliosi, Chairman of EuropaBio's Healthcare Council.

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