Change in the Tecan's Board of Directors


Timothy B. Anderson, a long term member of Tecan's Board of Directors, will, for personal reasons, not run for another term of office at the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders on 19 April 2007. The Board of Directors proposes the Biopharma specialist Jürg Meier for the vacant seat on the Board.

Timothy B. Anderson, who has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2000, had indicated in internal discussions in September of last year that he might not be willing to stand for re-election, for personal reasons. The Board of Directors greatly regrets his decision and would like to take the opportunity to thank Timothy B. Anderson for his valuable work and support.

Jürg Meier, who is proposed as replacement, holds a PhD in chemistry and successfully headed the Novartis Venture Fund for more than six years. The 66 year old has more than three decades of expertise in the Research and Development in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries. Among other things, he was the Global Head of Research of the former Sandoz.

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