Spotlight on the European chemical, analytical and pharmaceutical industry

Chemie.DE launches European information platform ChemEurope.COM


For the European chemical, analytical and pharmaceutical industry cross-national information become crucial to follow pan-European market developments. Unfortunately, for the growing number of companies active throughout Europe, obtaining detailed information is difficult. Hence, Chemie.DE Information Service GmbH has now launched ChemEurope.COM, an information portal for professionals in the European chemical, analytical and pharmaceutical industry. Its main focus is to deliver up-to-date and cross-national information on companies, research institutes, universities, technology parks, industry associations and administrative bodies.


ChemEurope.COM offers a host of features. The Buyer's Guide section contains over 6,000 companies and organisations with products and services listed. The Product Gallery presents innovative products for analytical science and process technology. Daily business and science news provides up-to-date information, with the searchable archive reaching back to the year 2000. A free weekly newsletter summarizes all the week's news. ChemEurope.COM also provides full-length articles featuring new applications, scientific results and market studies. The interactive Market Overviews offer insight into various fields of analytical science and laboratory work. Thanks to state-of-the-art search algorithms, users can access up-to-date and detailed information on manufacturers and their products.

"The global players aside, much of Europe's chemical, analytical and pharmaceutical industry is still little known across national borders. However, more and more small companies are now going into Europe, with its huge markets and cooperation opportunities. Due to little cross-border information flow, many companies still lack necessary contacts and prefer to focus on their home markets only," Stefan Knecht, CEO of Chemie.DE Information Service GmbH, explains. "Therefore a comprehensive and up-to-date information portal for the entire European industry can make a big contribution to the industry's further development. With ChemEurope.COM we are expanding our successful portal concept into the European market providing professional services for the industry throughout Europe."

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