OriGene and Cytomyx Collaborate to Develop New Biomarker Validation Technologies


OriGene Technologies Inc. announced they have entered into an agreement with Cytomyx Holdings, PLC to co-develop new tools to profile gene expression and biomarker validation in a range of human cancers.

Under the terms of the agreement, Cytomyx shall supply hundreds of highly characterized RNA samples from a wide range of major cancers from its extensive Biorepository. OriGene will use these samples to develop new generations of their existing Rapid-Scan Gene Expression Panel product line. The new Rapid-Scan panels shall enable researchers to profile gene expression levels in these patient derived samples to determine linkages between gene expression and tumor occurrence and development.

Cytomyx also intends to develop complementary tissue microarrays (TMAs), which can be used to further investigate these linkages at the protein expression level using immunohistochemistry.

OriGene Technologies Inc.

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