Med BioGene reports pre-clinical results of its Diagnostic Lymphoma DNA Bioarray


Med BioGene Inc. announced the results of its pre-clinical studies involving its Diagnostic lymphoma Bioarray. The studies of fifty RNA samples derived from human lymphoma tissues suggest that MBI's Diagnostic Lymphoma Bioarray successfully differentiated between genes in both the diseased and healthy control samples.

Moreover, the results revealed a high dissimilarity between six lymphoma subtypes (Diffuse Large B-Cell, Mantle Cell, Follicular, Hodgkin, Marginal Zone and Small Lymphocytic) and the healthy control samples, indicating that the bioarray is able to detect differential expression profiles. The samples used in the studies did not include the subtype T-Cell Lymphoma; however, prior studies suggest that the bioarray is able to distinguish this subtype from healthy control samples. Sample replicates were also highly similar to one another, indicating a consistency in the bioarray.

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