Acolyte and Ploughshare Innovations Agree Exclusive Licence For Adenylate Kinase


Acolyte Biomedica Ltd and Ploughshare Innovations Ltd have negotiated and agreed an exclusive global licence for the application of Adenylate Kinase (AK) in the fields of hygiene monitoring and clean-in-place monitoring of facilities, equipment and instruments used in clinical and veterinary practice. In addition, the parties have agreed a licence for the application of Adenylate Kinase in microbial diagnosis of animal tissues and fluids within veterinary practice.

AK technology was originally developed by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory an agency of UK Ministry of Defence. Ploughshare Innovations have responsibility for managing the commercial exploitation of the technology under the AK Rapid® brand.

Unlike ATP, AK is present at constant levels in all eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells irrespective of the organism's metabolic state. The amplification of the conversion of ADP to ATP gives sensitivities up to 100 times those of standard ATP bioluminescence and up to 1 million times those of conventional optical measurements.

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