Combinature and InterMune collaborate on NMR fragment screening


Combinature Biopharm AG announced the partnership with InterMune involving its NMR-Fragment-Screening technology. Combinature will identify novel low molecular weight chemotypes, so-called fragments, to a target protein of InterMune. Moreover Combinature will determine the binding sites of such fragments and further leads of InterMune.

Appreciating the scientific challenge, Dr. Markus Schade, VP of NMR Drug Discovery at Combinature, comments: "NMR screening is an ideal technique to screen medium size libraries for novel fragment binders which become the starting point for novel chemical matter with favourable ADME/Tox properties. The unique structural information on fragment binding sites allows for the immediate classification of hits and assists follow-up hit-to-lead chemistry. We are enthusiastic about providing InterMune with novel chemotypes for their drug discovery programs."

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