The Medical Research Council and GATC Biotech sign Sequencing Contract


The Medical Research Council (MRC) and GATC Biotech have signed a mutual contract relating to the provision of services for DNA sequencing. GATC Biotech is a tender winner selected from over ten participating suppliers for the MRC sequencing contract, valued at nearly 2.5 million Euros. A key selling point for the company was its fully automated sequencing process that reduced the level of human intervention and error, thereby achieving the highest possible accuracy of sequence data. GATC will provide MRC's 35 UK sites with high quality sequencing services for at least a three year period.

"Due to our proprietary LIMS we are able to customise the paperless order process precisely to the MRC's needs. This is a great benefit as we incorporate their administrative requirements, too," says Tony Piper, General Manager of GATC Biotech Ltd.

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