Aureus Pharma, ChemAxon, Budapest University of Technology and sanofi-aventis Collaborate on European Toxicity Project


Aureus Pharma and ChemAxon announced that they have been awarded a European Eureka project along with pharmaceutical partner sanofi-aventis and academic partner Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The goal of the project KnowTox® is to build a new knowledge base related to hepatotoxicity as well as related predictive tools to extend the value of the system. Drug-induced hepatotoxicity or liver damage/disease is a major concern during the drug development process. toxicity knowledge exists but data is scattered in numerous sources and can not easily be accessed simultaneously. Having access to a knowledge database containing detailed biological and chemical data and associated analysis applications will lead to better use of available knowledge and time and costs saving during drug development.

In this project, Aureus Pharma brings its expertise in building chemical biology knowledge databases, sanofi-aventis provides toxicological experts from the pharma industry to validate the products and ChemAxon, a software solution provider and Budapest University of Technology and Economics with their expertise in chemical reaction modeling will extend their software tools to deal with reactions and substrates involved in the metabolism of compounds and also develop predictive tools for hepatoxicity.

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