Applied DNA Sciences Launches DNA Encryption and Authentication Project in Collaboration with Stony Brook University


Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. and Stony Brook University announced their agreement to jointly develop a cutting edge forensic authentication system by utilizing encrypted DNA. Dr. Sanford Simon, Professor of biochemistry, Cell biology, and pathology, Stony Brook University, and a director of APDN, will lead this project entitled "A Chimeric Method and System for DNA Encryption and Authentication" on behalf of the University together with Dr. Benjamin Liang, Strategic Technology Officer for Applied DNA Sciences. Stony Brook University's Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) in biotechnology has made a grant of $79,005.77 to APDN to partially fund the project.

Dr. James A. Hayward, CEO of APDN, stated: "This is an important collaboration for APDN because it may help us find a more direct path to commercialization. We believe our DNA encryption and authentication system will add tremendous value to the prevention of counterfeiting and piracy. Our technology could also complement existing security solutions like holograms, inks, threads and labels. We believe our technology will greatly enhance the capabilities of product origination, identification, verification and validation of the source of components for critical manufacturing, defense, medical and other high-integrity products."

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