VWR International, Inc. Announces New VWR BioSciences Program


VWR International, Inc. announced the establishment of a new program -- VWR BioSciences. This program leverages VWR's global footprint by offering broader bioscience solutions to customers with high quality research services and next generation technologies and instruments.

"The VWR BioSciences Program provides contract based research services and high-end instruments to our customers to help them work more efficiently and with greater confidence in their drug discovery pursuits, in effect speeding up their research and development efforts," said Zishan Haroon, M.D., Ph.D., General Manager and Global Vice President, VWR BioSciences, VWR International.

VWR BioSciences is a key market initiative where customers have the ability to select prequalified and reliable Contract Research Organizations (CROs) to help them carry out their vital tasks in science. The offered services support customers at various stages of development and research from initial concepts to Investigational New Drugs (IND).

VWR BioSciences is comprised of three business groups dedicated to cutting-edge scientific research and development, including contract based Research Services, BioInstruments and Lab Animal Science.

With Research Services, VWR connects customers with prequalified and audited CROs that offer a wide variety of services required for drug discovery and development. The provided services adhere to strict industry standards including access to a controlled environment. VWR Bioscience offers high quality CROs that employ trained specialists who offer a high level of expertise and experience. Customers can save time and resources by outsourcing to VWR since they will no longer need to train their own staff or tie up their own resources. VWR quality partners include Alphalyse, Thermo Biopolymer, New England Peptide, Seegene, Quark, Neoclone, Sinclair, Biosiris, Gene Express, Pure Discovery, Priority One Services and Geneservice.

BioInstruments provides high-end instruments from high-tech imaging systems to high-resolution fractionation and purification instruments that are the foundation of today's research lab. VWR offers experimental setup, support and dependable service. Our partner companies include VisualSonics, Pharma-Test, BD, BIOCARE, Arrowmight, and Schlyer - SMC.

The Lab Animal Science group is a comprehensive source for products and services supporting animal husbandry, biosafety, research, sample collection and surgery. Supplier partnerships for Lab Animal Science include Zeigler, Steiner, Sklar, Bio-Serv, VetEquip and Cani.

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