15-Nov-2005 - LGC Ltd.

LGC rebrands reference standards

Mikromol range of reference substances and custom synthesis services join LGC brand of quality standards

LGC has announced its migration of the Mikromol brand, most notably the range of pharmaceutical impurity reference standards, to its own brand at the 2005 Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS), Somerset, New Jersey, USA, 14-17 November. The pharmaceutical industry is required to control impurities, or the 'unwanted' chemicals, in its formulations. Since its acquisition of the German company Mikromol in 2003, LGC, the UK's designated national measurement institute (NMI) for chemistry and biochemistry, has continued to develop pharmaceutical impurity reference standards with its colleagues in Luckenwalde near Berlin. Dr Derek Craston, Head of LGC's Pharmaceutical and Chemical Services division, said: "Under the management of Dr Günter Funk and Dr Hans Zimmermann, the Mikromol brand has established an excellent reputation in the market for the synthesis of pharmaceutical impurities. The decision to transfer the brand to LGC is a reflection of the progressive quality of the product, such that the stringent standards associated with a national measurement laboratory will soon be achievable. I am delighted by the changes in quality systems being instituted at Luckenwalde and by the move of our dedicated scientific team towards higher accreditation." A new laboratory and production facility for pharmaceutical impurities to support the capability of LGC's German operation in Luckenwalde is planned for opening in Bangalore, India, where LGC Promochem India Private Ltd is based.

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