Max Planck Institute and Cellomics Announce Collaboration for High Content Screening Development


The Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell biology and genetics (MPI-CBG), located in Dresden, Germany, and Cellomics, a unit of Fisher Biosciences, recently announced a joint collaboration in the field of High Content Screening (HCS). The institute serves as a hub for numerous academic-industry collaborations in the field of HCS for drug discovery. Cellomics is recognized as the creator of HCS and is the market leader in the field. Cellomics provides a unique cell-based platform for its global clients in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic institutions.

According to Daniel J. Calvo, President of Cellomics, the collaboration objectives include a mix of applications and new product development, as well as establishing a key demonstration center for Europe. "Max Planck is a perfect partner for us," stated Calvo. "They have tremendous experience and capabilities in this area and their strong ties to key academic centers across Europe are a real plus. This collaboration will provide valuable input to help drive the development of our product and applications portfolio for the growing academic market."

As part of the Agreement, MPI-MCBG has purchased the Cellomics' ArrayScan(R) VTI HCS Reader along with its complete portfolio of BioApplications and HCi(TM) informatics software.

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