Methamphetamine/Ecstasy Detection Patent & Product Launch


Cozart plc announced that the UK Patent Office has granted its patent for the detection of the Methamphetamine group of drugs. The technology covered by this patent is used in the new Cozart methamphetamine/ecstasy powders test, one of a family of such tests being launched for sale. Other powders tests in the range include that for cocaine/crack, which is already in use by police and customs authorities in the UK and France, and the newly developed tests for heroin (opiates), amphetamines and cannabis.

The methamphetamine patent (GB2404022) covers innovative reagents that allow the simultaneous detection of the methamphetamine family with high specificity and more importantly without significant interference by many of the structurally related over the counter medicines found in nasal decongestants and bronchial inhalers.

In addition to the new powders test, the patented methamphetamine reagents and test formats can be used as an inherent part of the Cozart® RapiScan system for on site detection of drugs in saliva (oral fluid). This enables the sensitive screening of low levels of the methamphetamine family, which is particularly important in the area of roadside and workplace drug testing.

This patent deals with the complex area of immunochemistry and further patent applications are expected to be filed to extend further the Company's intellectual property portfolio.

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