PharmacoDesign Purchases Illumina Genotyping Solutions for Pharmacogenomics Research

Illumina to Gain Exclusive, Licensed Access to Biomarkers Discovered Through Disease Studies


Illumina, Inc. announced an agreement of sale with PharmacoDesign (PD) for a BeadStation system and whole-genome genotyping arrays and reagents for ongoing pharmacogenomics studies. PharmacoDesign will genotype various Korean populations with the aim of understanding genetic variation and personalizing treatment for optimal clinical outcomes.

Under the agreement, Illumina will gain access to biomarkers discovered by PD and will be able to incorporate such markers into proprietary SNP panels under a worldwide, royalty-bearing exclusive license.

PD will study diseases that include obesity, cancer and allergy-induced reactions such as atopy. The company works in partnership with large Korean hospitals to prescribe individualized treatments that utilize diet and "functional foods" in addition to traditional pharmacological approaches.

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