LGC and Forensic Alliance Limited join forensic operations


LGC has announced its acquisition of Forensic Alliance Limited (FAL) - the UK's largest private sector provider of forensic science services to investigators and the courts. The combined forensic capabilities of LGC and FAL extend the breadth and depth of cutting-edge scientific solutions available from a single source. These are fundamental to the effective performance of the police service and the court system, and to the resolution of issues affecting private sector customers. In addition to its other scientific services, LGC's forensic expertise includes DNA profiling, digital crime units, questioned documents, forensic drug analysis and toxicology. FAL provides a complete range of services across all areas of mainstream forensic science, in addition to more specialist offerings including forensic ecology (e.g. entomology, palynology, soils, anthropology and archaeology), integrated pathology and specialist firearms examination and ballistics.

A major implication of the acquisition will be the creation of more effective competition in the £200m UK outsourced forensic service market. The market is itself currently undergoing radical reform with the introduction of formal competitive tendering across 43 police forces in England and Wales. Combining FAL with LGC's Forensic Services division enhances the ability of both to serve customers in this increasingly competitive market.

The acquisition of Forensic Alliance will increase LGC's staff from 780 employees to over 1,000. LGC is headquartered in Teddington, Middlesex, with other UK laboratories in Runcorn and Edinburgh, and the Group will now be strengthened by the addition of FAL's laboratories in Culham (Oxfordshire), Risley (Cheshire), Tamworth (Staffordshire) and a specialist firearms facility within the Royal Armouries based in Leeds. Following the all-share acquisition by LGC of FAL's holding company, Forensic Alliance is now a member of the LGC Group.

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